ERNIE AND THE BIG NEWZErnie and the Big Newz

It’s the story of a young boy who realizes his dream of becoming a TV reporter. In this first adventure, Ernie gets his first scoop covering the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. He braves a big snowstorm and later discovers a great little hero. Follow Ernie through his exciting adventures covering the big stories in New York City, where anything can happen…and it does!

Dedicated to every child in the world who has a dream.
This book will inspire you to do something that makes the world a better place.

This book is about a youngster who followed his dream and became a TV reporter in New York City. Consider what you would like to do when you grow up? What is your dream? What are your special interests and talents? Most importantly, think about how to use your gifts to make that dream come true. Read More.



Twixt: Teens Yesterday and Today

This unique book celebrates the American teenager. It’s a tribute to those “between” years—twixt years.
175 pages are filled with rare photos and personal generational memories. It’s a history worth preserving.
American teenagers have always had an unparalleled opportunity for self-expression.
They have affected social, fashion, music, fads and political attitudes. Read More.







Civility in America: Essays from America’s Thought Leaders

In every sector of American society, civility has declined. A top global strategic communications firm has collected the views of some of the nation’s most insightful leaders in education, business, the arts, sports, law enforcement and broadcast journalism. Emmy Award-winning TV anchor Ernie Anastos provides an eloquent and timely message on civility in the media. Read More.