ernies_videos_photosErnie Anastos is a distinguished and popular Emmy Award-winning anchor for the FOX flagship station WNYW-TV in New York City. He is also the creator and host of “Positively Ernie” — an upbeat program that informs, entertains and inspires viewers about people and stories that help make our community, country and the world a better place.


As a dynamic New York Hall of Fame Broadcaster, Ernie has an extraordinary record of achievement. He has won more than 30 combined Emmy Awards and nominations and received the coveted “Lifetime Emmy Award,” which is the highest honor given for his outstanding and personal accomplishments in the television industry. In a full-page feature article,  the New York Times described Ernie as “the ubiquitous anchorman” who has captured the love and respect of New Yorkers. As a seasoned anchor and reporter, Ernie Anastos has covered the major stories that have shaped the last three decades, including the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. Ernie met Fidel Castro in Cuba and also produced a series of special reports on the anniversary of the Cuban revolution. As part of an official pastoral trip, he has traveled to the war-torn countries of El Salvador and Nicaragua. Ernie has interviewed top world leaders including Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and South African Bishop Desmond Tutu.


Ernie Anastos has gained national experience as a news anchor and substitute host for “ABC’s “Good Morning America” and the “CBS Morning News.” He has created and hosted information programs for CBS, Lifetime and ABC and appeared in major motion pictures and primetime dramas including “Independence Day” and “Summer of Sam.”
Ernie is a celebrated author, most recently introducing a series of children’s books titled, “Ernie and the Big Newz,” with proceeds donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Previously, he wrote an historical book on the lifestyle of America’s youth entitled “Twixt: Teens Yesterday and Today,” which was featured at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and applauded in the New York Times. Ernie has also been a regular columnist for leading woman’s magazine Family Circle.


As a Phi Kappa Phi honoree, Ernie graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Northeastern University, where he is a noted member of the university corporation. He also holds Honorary Doctorate degrees from Marist College, NYIT, Manhattanville College, Curry College and Sacred Heart University. Ernie is also profiled in the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals.


Emmy Awards and Nominations:


• Lifetime Emmy Award: A Top New York Anchor to Receive the Honor
• Host/Producer Original TV Series: Positively Ernie, FOX 5 News
• Outstanding Single Newscast at 10, FOX 5 News
• Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast: London Bombings, FOX 5 News
• Reporter Outstanding News Story: Heart Stop Teen, FOX 5 News
• Anchor Outstanding Coverage: The World Trade Center Bombing, WCBS-TV
• Excellence in Writing: 9/11 Firefighters, The Edward R. Murrow Award, WCBS-TV
• Anchor Single Breaking News Story: New York City Blackout, WCBS-TV
• Anchor Outstanding Single Newscasts: City Hall Shooting & Ready for War, CBS 2
• Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast at 11: 9-11-02 Anniversary, WCBS-TV
• Anchor Transit Strike Team Coverage: CBS 2 News
• Anchor Outstanding News Special: Thee Rodney King Verdict, WCBS-TV
• Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast: Channel 2 News at 11, WCBS-TV
• Anchor Coverage of a Single Breaking Story: Flight of 5050 Crash, WCBS-TV
• Reporter Outstanding Program: Uptown, Downtown, WCBS-TV
• Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast: Puff Daddy Not Guilty, WCBS-TV
• Anchor Outstanding News Special: Hurricane Hugo, WCBS-TV
• Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast: Channel 2 News at 5, WCBS-TV
• Anchor Outstanding Documentary: Alcohol in Best Neighborhoods, WABC-TV
• Anchor Special Coverage: Liberty Weekend, WABC-TV
• Reporter Outstanding News Special: Death of John Lennon, WABC-TV
• Anchor Outstanding News Special: Freedom of the Press, WABC-TV
• Reporter Outstanding Special Report: The Poison Water, WABC-TV
• Reporter-Anchor Outstanding News Special: Hurricane Gloria, WABC-TV
• Anchor Outstanding Newscast: Eyewitness News at 11, WABC-TV
• Reporter Single Breaking News Story: Death of Nelson Rockefeller, WABC-TV
• Reporter-Anchor Outstanding Live Coverage: Women’s Games, WABC-TV
• Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast: The News at 10, WWOR-TV
• Reporter-Anchor News Special: Presidential Inauguration, WWOR-TV
• Reporter-Anchor Outstanding News Special: Caring for Your Parents, WWOR-TV
• Reporter-An American Journey: WWOR-TV
• Reporter-Celebrating His Life: WWOR-TV
• Reporter-Outstanding Continuing Coverage: Death of JFK, Jr., WWOR-TV

Special Awards:


• New Yorker of the Year, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
• New York State Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame – Ellis Island Medal of Honor
• National Father of the Year – Celebrity Chairman St. Francis Food Pantries
• Variety Children’s Charity, The Bowery Mission, JDF and Easter Seals